88 Miles has a simple, yet powerful reporting system. It will show you which clients and projects your have recently done work for, as well as generate timesheets that you can send to your clients.

There are four types of report: Company, Project, Staff and Timesheet. Each report type has a basic report filter, and an advanced report filter.

Let's look at a example. Say you want to see how much work you have done for each of your clients in the past week.

Select a Report

For this we'll need to select the Companies report. By default, the report shows the last week of shifts.

The company report view

Setting date ranges

You can set the start and end range for all reports, by clicking the dates in the top right corner of the screen.

You can enter a time and date in to the text box, or select a time using the calendar widget.

Company from date 0bf8c3a4dd5639af7f8dd99dd1990e883afe5e147335d7f2d449a690c6a51791


Each report can be filtered with different criteria. Let's filter this report to include only shifts tagged with design. Click on Change Filter and then the design tag.

Company filter 0b7c7aa9ad4b2f4c6b1479e9250497b951a26093989696b7c7e513264a266eac


88 Miles can export your report as an Excel spreadsheet, Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, XML file or generate a PDF for you. To export your report, click Export and select the format for the drop down.

Company export abe6562b1b4402a2c704ab2177447cee416a1c8b01911b7b690b72895093261a

Advanced Filtering

If the basic filtering option isn't powerful enough for you, you can use an SQL-like query language to filter the reports.

Click the advanced link at the bottom on the filter screen to enter advanced mode, then enter your query into the text box:

Protip: Hitting Ctrl-space or Alt-space will bring up an autocomplete window

Company advanced 39907ec17c589d070499fc54106979a566f0a0b14ebd074b6d3dc4b63ff546b8

The Query Language

The query language support basic logic:

You can group queries together using:

You can also group predicates using brackets:

(project_name = "Web design" || project_name = "Development") && company_name = "Happy-Go-Lucky Toys"

Types of columns:

What columns can I query?